A detailed step-by-step overview of my design process, and what it’s like to work with me.

So you want to work on a project together, but don’t know how the process works, or where to even begin.

Don’t worry! Most people feel the same when working with a designer for the first time.

To ease the process, I have laid it all out here, step-by-step. Whether you are looking for a quick brand refresh, or a full overhaul, I can help you figure out what you need done for your project.

Step 1


The first step involves taking a look at your brand and learning what your goals are. Are you a brand-new podcast, looking to attract listeners with a fresh logo? Or maybe you’re a long-time business owner, who is struggling to find customers and hopes a brand overhaul can help.

Whether your project is brand new or a thousand years old, I can help evaluate your needs through a discovery call (or series of emails, or even Discord messages, if you prefer!). During this conversation, we can discuss your project/business, your goals, and any other information that will help us decide which direction to go with your new brand. I may also send you a project questionnaire that prompts you on all the details needed to get started.

Some topics we may cover together include:

  • History of your project/business, including how and why it got started
  • An overview of your current brand (if applicable) and describing what you like/don’t like about it
  • Brand examples that you like (other companies, designs you found on pinterest, etc)
  • A market/competitor analysis (aka, looking at what other similar brands/companies are doing)

Step 2


Once we’ve discussed your project needs, it’s time to outline everything in a contract. This helps keeps us both on the same page and eliminates future disputes by making all the project requirements clear from the very beginning.

The contract is a simple document that I will share with you early on in the process, which you may sign online once you’ve agreed to the terms. At this time I will also send an invoice for the down payment, which is required before I start working on the project.

You can view a sample contract and my list of rates below.

Step 3


After the initial paperwork is processed, I will begin drafting up design options for your project.

The time it takes to complete this first round of drafts varies, but typically takes 1-2 weeks, unless otherwise specified. (Sometimes projects can be completed faster if you pay a rush fee. Tell me up front if this is something you are interested in!)

Most of my design projects include two or three initial concepts, but may include more depending on the contract terms. Additional concepts can also be added on with an additional fee.

Once you have received these initial concepts, I will ask you to choose 1-2 designs that resonate with you the most so that we may move on to the revisions phase.

Step 4


The revisions phase is where we take rough concepts and turn them into solid designs. During this time we will work together to create the final project.

Feedback during this time is crucial. Compiling all your notes at once is ideal and helps me get your project completed much faster.

That said, if you have a hard time describing what you want, don’t worry – part of my job is to help you figure out what you need. Communication is key, so expect to message back and forth quite a bit.

Once all project revisions have been completed, we’ll move on to the final stage – delivery.


Step 5


Finally, the most exciting part – when you receive the final product!

After the revisions have been completed, I will work with you to confirm that the project is finished.

During this time I will send you my final invoice, and once it’s been paid I will send over the files you need.

And just like that, the project is complete!


Interested in working with me?