Hey Wizards, can I join your adventuring party?

Hi there! I’m Bri, a designer and marketing specialist with a passion for gaming. I’ve been a dice roller since I was ten years old, and roleplaying has had a huge influence on my career. I have a highly specialized skillset that could be very useful for growing Wizards of the Coast, and I’m very excited by the possibility of joining your crew.

You may review my freelance work on my Portfolio page, or check out my more corporate work on my Behance profile.

Cover Letter

Hello Wizards of the Coast,

As a long-time player of D&D, I was thrilled to see that you are currently seeking a new Visual Designer for your marketing needs. I have over ten years of professional design experience, and I am very excited by the prospect of joining your team.

In my current remote position at LeaseQuery, I have formalized the visual direction of our company’s brand and all our corresponding marketing materials, including our website, sales sheets, eBooks, email marketing campaigns, paid banner advertisements, trade show collateral and more. Over the past three years I have also worked with our marketing team to make strategic design decisions that helped us to boost sales and increase our annual revenue by record amounts.

Outside of LeaseQuery, I also own my own freelancing company – Nerdette Designs – which focuses on branding solutions for small businesses and content creators in the gaming and roleplaying niches. I have helped dozens of clients rebrand their content, several of whom were TTRPG-focused and have also played D&D themselves. I am extremely passionate about this niche, and I would love to use my specialized skill set and my love for gaming to help you reach your marketing goals. I have spent the last several years networking and freelancing within this exciting community, and I have a lot of relevant experience to bring to your team.

I currently work remotely full-time and am experienced with managing my own deadlines and taking ownership over the work that I produce. If you were to hire me, I would tackle each project head-on with other team members and use my combined experience of design, marketing and gaming to help grow and promote your top-tier gaming products and services.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.