Senior Production Designer

Hi Discord, I’m Bri!

I’m a graphic designer with 12+ years of corporate experience who is passionate about helping creators grow their online communities.

I am primarily a branding and marketing specialist with experience in forming and directing visual guidelines, which includes: logo design, social media design, web design, email design, presentation design, livestreaming assets and more. In addition, I’ve been managing my freelance business since 2011, helping gamers and content creators through the use of branding and visual design.

Currently I am a full-time freelancer, managing my own deadlines with a myriad of both independent and corporate-level clients. I have been working remotely for 7 years and can work independently while also making sure that all my projects are on track.

I have been a long-time fan and early adopter of Discord since it’s launch in 2015, and I am very excited by the prospect of joining your Creative and Brand team. Discord has has a massively positive impact on my life, providing me with opportunities to meet new people, network, keep up with friends, and even manage my own business. If chosen to work with your team, I would be honored and excited to contribute to your long-term growth and success through the means of visual design, marketing, content development and more.



Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in
Web Design & Interactive Media

Experienced With

Branding & visual design systems
Print & digital design
Marketing automation
Web design
UI/UX design
Adobe, Figma, Google Suite
Using Discord since 2015

Currently Learning

Motion graphics
3D design (Blender)



total years of experience working on corporate-level design


years of experience working at agencies with dozens of clients


years of experience working with in-house design & marketing teams


years of experience with Discord for both personal and professional use

Design Work